This list of uses was tested on ordinary, original Coca Cola, not the
diet kind, or any of the variations there are available.
為製作本列表所做的實驗都是基於最普通、原味的可口可樂; 不是低糖健怡可樂,也不是其他新品種。

Put Coke into flat wide dishes in the garden and it will help to rid
your plants of slugs. They are attracted by the sweet smell and once
they fall in,  they can’t get out.
把一個倒滿可樂的盤子放在花園裡可以驅除植物上的蟲子。 這些蟲子喜歡甜甜的味道, 一旦他們接觸到可樂,他們就插翅難飛了。

Cleaned a burned saucepan by pouring Coke into it and boiling. This
takes out all the staining.

It’s easy to make a modern photograph look like an old sepia one. Just lightly brush the photograph with Coca Cola and dry quickly. Don’t wet it too much or it will buckle. Photocopied black and white pictures make great looking “antique” prints, if you treat them in the same way. Maps photocopied and treated this way, look fantastic in antique style frames.

要將一個現代照片弄成老照片那種深褐色的樣子其實很簡單, 只要用刷子輕輕的把可口可樂刷在照片表面並讓它迅速乾燥即可。 注意不要弄得太濕,否則照片會變形。同樣道理, 黑白照片如果也用可樂這樣處理就會更像“骨灰級”的老照片了。 地圖用同樣方法也會看上去古典別致。

If you dye your hair and the result is too intense, flat Coca Cola
will help to lighten it.

Give old coins a soak in Coke. This gives a brilliant shine for
collections and decorative items.

Pour Coca Cola into your kettle and leave all day. This will remove
limescale and leaves it clean inside.

A can of Coke poured into the toilet will clean it. The acid in th! e
drink gets to work right away.

Make an excellent barbecue sauce by mixing Coke and Ketchup , half and  half.  Coat chicken, meat, etc with this before cooking. It’s
把可樂和番茄醬一比一混合在一起可以做出非常美味的燒烤醬, 在燒烤前將其塗在雞肉和牛肉上簡直是人間美味,讓人垂涎。

Flat Coke makes a good hair conditioner. Pour it over your hair, rinse and dry.
沒氣的可樂是很好的護發素,把它倒在你的頭上,衝洗並擦乾, 你的頭髮會煥然一新。

Rusty bolts can be loosened by soaking a rag in Coca Cola, and
wrapping it around the bolt. Leave for a few hours and it will be
easier to move.
如果碰到一個生鏽的螺栓很難撚開, 我們可以用一個浸過可樂的布包住螺栓,等幾個小時之後, 螺絲自然而然就會方便轉開了。

Clean your jewelery in a glass of Coke. Brush with a toothbrush and
rinse  well. (Not recommended for valuable items, or those with gem
stones in them.)
你用一杯可樂洗洗你的珠寶,用牙刷輕輕地在表面抹後衝洗乾淨。( 貴重物品或鑲嵌寶

Flat Coca Cola helps to settle upset stomachs. Don’t use fresh, fizzy
Coke as this could irritate the condition. (Take the fizz out by
adding a little salt, if you need to.)
沒氣的可口可樂能治療胃部不適,但不能喝新鮮有氣的可樂, 因為這樣的話病情反而會

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